Trueheart, Marion,Dr.

Name: Trueheart, Dr. Marion
Burial Date: 1946, 07/14
Age at Death: 65
Plot Location: 361 D
Notes: husband of Hazel(Hawkins) and Myrtle Ethel(Proctor)
War: WW1


Marion Trueheart
Birth:  30 May 1881 – United States
Death:  11 Jul 1946 – Sterling, Kansas
Spouse:  Myrtie E. Proctor
F:  Powhatan Patteson Trueheart
M:  Lucy Hocker
Name: Marion Trueheart
Age: 61
Race: White
Occupation: Self Employed
Height: 6 2
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Gray
Weight: 210
Complexion: Gray
Birth Date: 18 May 1881
Birth Place: Sterling, Kansas, USA
Residence Year: 1942
Residence: Sterling, Kansas, USA
Name: Marion Trueheart
Birth Date: 30 May 1881
Death Date: 11 Jul 1946
SAR Membership: 70514
Role: Ancestor
Application Date: 10 Nov 1948
Father: Powhatan P Trueheart
Mother: Lucy Hocker
Spouse: Myrtie E Proctor Trueheart
Children: Jack P Trueheart