Bausman, Verlin Dee

Name: Bausman, Verlin Dee Burial Date: 1993, 07/26 Age at Death: 51 Plot Location: 405½ H Cremains Notes: husband of Loretta Frances (Revel) Died 1990, 03/12   Trans from Lot 848 TSGT US Air Force   War: Vietnam War Birth: Sep. 18, 1938 Death: Mar. 12, 1990 Age 51Died 1990, 03/12Trans from 848TSGT US Air Force Veteran … Continue reading Bausman, Verlin Dee

Booker, Lloyd Douglas

Name: Booker, Lloyd Douglas Burial Date: 2008, 07/16 Age at Death: 56 Plot Location: 855 F Cremains Notes: Divorced husband of Kenda(Kirchoff) and Cindy(Beamer) US Marine Corps  War: Vietnam War Birth: Aug. 30, 1951 Phoenix Maricopa County Arizona, USA Death: Jul. 9, 2008 Hutchinson Reno County Kansas, USA Obituary from the Hutchinson News, 7/11/2008, pg. … Continue reading Booker, Lloyd Douglas

Brock, Kirk Allan

Name: Brock, Kirk Allan Burial Date: 2010, 02/10 Age at Death: 61 Plot Location: 954 A Notes: divorced husband of Anna(Neeson) Died in Wichita, KS US Navy  War: Vietnam War Birth: Nov. 20, 1948 Wichita Sedgwick County Kansas, USA Death: Feb. 9, 2010 Wichita Sedgwick County Kansas, USA WICHITA – Kirk Brock, 61, died Feb. … Continue reading Brock, Kirk Allan

Brown, Gail Evan

Name: Brown, Gail Evan Burial Date: 2008, 07/23 Age at Death: 70 Plot Location: 1206 A Notes: husband of Maria Jesus(Solis),  Wilma E(Nerran)Lees and Mercedes F(Felicelda) U.S. Navy  War: Vietnam War Birth: Dec. 12, 1937     Death: Jul. 19, 2008 Gail Evan Brown died Jul 19, 2008, at Hutchinson Hospital. He was born Dec 12, 1937, … Continue reading Brown, Gail Evan

Buckman, Ralph D

Name: Buckman, Ralph D Burial Date: 2014, 10/21 Age at Death: 73 Plot Location: 1113 G Crems Notes: husband of Faira Lee (Pflughoft) Vietnam  War      US Army DATELINE: Sterling, Kansas NAME:  Ralph D. Buckman AGE:     73 yrs DATE OF DEATH: October 17, 2014 PLACE OF DEATH: Presbyterian Manor, Sterling DATE OF BIRTH: October 10, … Continue reading Buckman, Ralph D

Capps, LeRoy Lester,Sr.

Name: Capps, Sr.,  LeRoy Lester Burial Date: 2011, 07/21 Age at Death: 69 Plot Location: 1068 C Notes: husband of Judith Ann(Maxwell) and Paula Lea(Smith) Died In St. Joseph, MO US Army   War: Vietnam War LeRoy Lester Capps Born: April 19, 1942 Died: July 16, 2011 LeRoy Lester Capps 69, of Saint Joseph, Missouri, passed … Continue reading Capps, LeRoy Lester,Sr.

Caywood, Donald Kent

Caywood, Donald Kent                       husband of Barbara Jean(Phillips) Burial Date:  2017,  12/07              Age: 70                 Lot: 1054 C War:  Vietnam         Donald Kent Caywood, 70, of Sterling, passed away on December … Continue reading Caywood, Donald Kent

Childs, Steven Gene

Childs, Steven Gene                    husband of Wanda Joyce(Harmon) Burial Date: 2017,  12/11          Age: 68            Lot: 1258 G War:  Vietnam             Steven Gene Childs, 68, of Sterling, passed away December 6, 2017, at Hospice … Continue reading Childs, Steven Gene

Cox, Anyard Gene

Name: Cox, Anyard Gene Burial Date: 1990, 12/17 Age at Death: 51 Plot Location: 947 C Notes: husband of Judy Lea(Groth) US Navy        War: Vietnam War A.  GENE COX A. Gene Cox, Lyons, died Thursday, Dec. 13, 1990, at the District Hospital in Lyons at the age of 51. He was born … Continue reading Cox, Anyard Gene

Crawford, Thomas Dean

Name: Crawford, Thomas Dean Burial Date: 1971, 03/18 Age at Death: 23 Plot Location: 929 H Notes: husband of Elva(Goering) War: Vietnam War          irth: 1948 Death: Mar. 18, 1971 Inscription: Age 23 Note: h/Elva (Goering) Burial: Sterling Cemetery Sterling Rice County Kansas, USA Plot: 929 H Created by: Phillip H. Pitzer … Continue reading Crawford, Thomas Dean

Crowe, William Jesse’Bill’

Name: Crowe, William Jesse ’Bill’ Burial Date: 2000, 05/31 Age at Death: 60 Plot Location: 1202 H Notes: husband of:  ( ? ) /Joyce Lynn(Johnson) US Army 1957-1966         War: Vietnam War William Jesse ‘Bill’ Crowe STERLING William Jesse “Bill” Crowe, 60, died May 27, 2000, at his home in Sterling. He was … Continue reading Crowe, William Jesse’Bill’

Cruth, Alvia Vernon

Name: Cruth, Alvia Vernon Burial Date: 1991, 07/06 Age at Death: 44 Plot Location: 849 E Notes: Divorced husband of  Mary(Brown) son of John Edgar & Mary Belle(Freeman)Manwarren Survived by two daughters: Carolyn and ? PFC US Army War: Vietnam War     Birth: 1946 Death: 1991 Burial: Sterling Cemetery Sterling Rice County Kansas, USA Plot: … Continue reading Cruth, Alvia Vernon

Curry, Paul Richard

Name: Curry, Paul Richard Burial Date: 2001, 06/08 Age at Death: 72 Plot Location: 1170 D Cremains Notes: husband of Sherrill Grant(Seymour) Died 02/26/2001 War: Korean War    Vietnam War     Name: Paul R. Curry Last Residence: 93454 Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, California, USA BORN: 29 Nov 1928 Died: 26 Feb 2001 State (Year) … Continue reading Curry, Paul Richard

Deist, Perry Lee

Name: Deist, Perry Lee Burial Date: 2011, 10/22 Age at Death: 63 Plot Location: 1257 G Notes: husband of Patricia Ann(?) Newman Sears May divorced husband of Sonja R(Denio)Albright Senior Chief US Navy War: Vietnam War,   Cold War      Name: Perry L. Deist Gender: Male Death Age: 63 Birth Date: 8 Jan 1948 … Continue reading Deist, Perry Lee

Fenwick, Loyd Duane

Name: Fenwick, Loyd Duane Burial Date: 2006, 12/08 Age at Death: 58 Plot Location: 1257 D Notes: husband of Patricia(Deist) War: Vietnam War  US Army       Bronze Star Obituary- Sterling Loyd D. Fenwick, 58, died Dec. 5, 2006, at Hutchinson Hospital.  He was born March 27, 1948, in Sterling, the son of Raymond and Viola … Continue reading Fenwick, Loyd Duane

Foster, Allan Robert

Foster, Allan Robert              spouse of Douglas Cyril Tripp Burial Date: 2018,  12/21           Age:70                Lot: 404 1/2 B US Marine Corp              War: Vietnam       Allan Robert Foster October 21, 1948 – … Continue reading Foster, Allan Robert

Garey, Leonard Ree

Garey, Leonard Ree                            husband of Betty Carol(Colle) Burial Date:  2021,  03/15                  Age: 98                     Lot: 985 G US ARMY   Career Veteran   WW II, Korea, Vietnam Leonard … Continue reading Garey, Leonard Ree

Goodwin, Bob Jack,Jr.

Name: Goodwin, Jr.,  Bob Jack Burial Date: 1967, 09/12 Age at Death: 19 Plot Location: 804 E Notes: son of Bob Jack,Sr. & Betty Lou(Hamilton) Vietnam War       CPL Co. A , 8 Cav, 1 Cav Div.   CPL Bob Jack Goodwin, Jr Birth 16 Jan 1948 Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA Death … Continue reading Goodwin, Bob Jack,Jr.

Hammons, Jerry Lynn

Hammons, Jerry Lynn husband of Ellie L(McGuffey)Fulton Burial Date: 2017,  10/26          Age: 75               Lot 982 B War: Vietnam    Lt. Col. U. S. Army    STERLING – Jerry L. Hammons, 75, died Oct. 20, 2017, in Carmel, Indiana. He was born March 9, 1942, in … Continue reading Hammons, Jerry Lynn

Hanlon, Richard Phillip

Name: Hanlon, Richard Phillip Burial Date: 1977, 02/02 Age at Death: 53 Plot Location: 953 E Notes: adopted son of Hubert H & Marguerite Helen (Minnis) Hanlon SP4 US Army    War: Vietnam      Richard Phillip Hanlon Birth 19 Aug 1943 Evanston, Cook County, Illinois, USA Death 30 Jan 1977 (aged 33) Tucson, Pima … Continue reading Hanlon, Richard Phillip

Harrison, Lynn Robert

Name: Harrison, Lynn Robert Burial Date:  2010, 11/19 Age at Death: 68 Plot Location: 839 C Cremains Notes: Son of Robert Willard & Leota Eileen(Gossman) Harrison US Army, Purple Heart     War: Vietnam War  Birth: Feb. 1, 1942 Death: Nov. 10, 2010 Son of Willard & Leota Harrison. Inscription: SP4 US ARMY VIETNAM PURPLE HEART … Continue reading Harrison, Lynn Robert

Hedrick, Gordon Ray

Hedrick, Gordon Ray                               husband of  Donita (Newby) Burial Date:  2019,   07/08              Age: 72                   Lot: 1019 G Crems Captain, U.S. Navy War: Vietnam    Gordon … Continue reading Hedrick, Gordon Ray

Heter, Roger Waid

Name: Heter, Roger Waid Burial Date: 2010, 09/11 Age at Death: 63 Plot Location: 1244 G Notes: husband of Carolyn Sue(Shepherd) US Air Force    War: Vietnam War    Birth: 1946 Death: Sep., 2010 Age 63, US Air Force Veteran of: Vietnam War Family links: Parents: Waid Heter (1919 – 1988) Gladys Richardson Heter Sargent … Continue reading Heter, Roger Waid

Howard, Euing Quantrell,II

Name: Howard, Euing Quantrell, II Burial Date: 2006, 07/12 Age at Death: 58 Plot Location: 531 C Cremains Notes: son of Euing Quantrell, Sr. and Juanita A(Barry) War: Vietnam War    US Navy     Birth: 1947Death: 2006 US Navy Veteran of: Vietnam War Family links: Parents: Euing Quantrell Howard (1910 – 1990) Juanita A Barry Howard … Continue reading Howard, Euing Quantrell,II

Hunt, Tommy Lee

Name: Hunt, Tommy Lee Burial Date: 2012, 05/16 Age at Death: 70 Plot Location: 979 D Notes: husband of Diana(Pool)Hunt US Marines   War: Vietnam War    Birth: Jun. 28, 1941 Hutchinson Reno County Kansas, USA Death: May 10, 2012 Wichita Sedgwick County Kansas, USA LYONS – Tommy L. Hunt, 70, died May 10, 2012, at … Continue reading Hunt, Tommy Lee

Hurd, Elbert Arthur,Sr.

Name: Hurd, Sr., Elbert Arthur Burial Date: 1991, 02/06 Age at Death: 56 Plot Location: 988 G Notes: h/?(?)/Laura Ann(Broomfield) Fallis? ?/Dessie W(?)Lewis divorced husband of Monique(Vieu)Ratzlaff M Sgt US Air Force   War: Vietnam War    ELBERT A HURD Elbert A. :Al: Hurd, Wichita, formerly of Sterling and McCook, Neg., died Tuesday, Feb. 5, 1001, … Continue reading Hurd, Elbert Arthur,Sr.

Johnson, Phil David

Johnson,  Lieut. Ranger Phil David son of Cecil Jacob & Mary Alice(Skinner) Burial Date: 1969,  03/08            Age: 26              Lot: 943 D Vietnam War    – Rice Co. KS  2nd Vietnam casualty, died  2/25/1969 SERVICE OVERVIEW Name Phil David Johnson From Rice County, Kansas War … Continue reading Johnson, Phil David

Kio, Donald Gerald

Name: Kio, Donald Gerald Burial Date: 1980, 02/28 Age at Death: 40 Plot Location: 771 A Notes: Husband of Karen Lea(Langel) Air Force, Army CW3, 101st Airborne War: Vietnam War        Birth: Apr. 26, 1939 Death: Feb. 23, 1980 age 40, husband of Karen Lea(Langel) Kio. Air Force, Army CW3, 101st Airborne Veteran … Continue reading Kio, Donald Gerald

Linder, Rex

Name: Linder, Rex Burial Date: 2012, 11/08 Age at Death: 80 Plot Location: 969 C Notes: husband of Ila Marie(Proffitt) US Army SFC  War: Vietnam War   STERLING – Rex Linder, 80, died November 3, 2012, at his home, Sterling. He was born November 23, 1931, in Texas County, Oklahoma, the son of Roy E. … Continue reading Linder, Rex

Manning, William J ‘Jack’

Manning, William  J ‘Jack’ husband of Jacqueline M ‘Mackie'(McElroy) Burial Date: 2005,  07/29           Age: 61           Lot: 1242 A Cremains U.S. Army         War: Vietnam War   William Manning William “Jack” Manning, 61, of Hutchinson, Kan., died Monday, July 25, 2005, at Hospice … Continue reading Manning, William J ‘Jack’

McFarland, Marlin Martin

Name: McFarland, Marlin Martin Burial Date: 1993, 06/29 Age at Death: 47 Plot Location: 656 K Notes: 1st husband of Paula Gayle(Burnett)Proffitt War: Vietnam War     CTA 2, US Navy   M. McFarland Sterling – Marlin M. McFarland, 47, died June 25, 1993, at his home. He was born April 4, 1946, at Sterling the … Continue reading McFarland, Marlin Martin

Monroe, Dale

Monroe, Dale                divorced husband of Barbara J(Wolfe) Burial Date:  2018,  08/02           Age: 77               Lot:  1042 E War: Vietnam       US Army    Dale Monroe, 77, of Sterling, passed away July 30, 2018, at Hospice House of Hutchinson. … Continue reading Monroe, Dale

Ochs, Daniel Conrad,Jr.

Ochs,Jr.,  Daniel Conrad husband of Deborah J ‘Debbie'(Reavis) Burial Date: 2010,  07/13            Age: 63                 Lot: 1147 A  Cremains Vietnam War                US Army     Purple Heart   Birth: Sep. 26, 1946 Hutchinson Reno County Kansas, … Continue reading Ochs, Daniel Conrad,Jr.

Park, Curtis Gene

Name: Park, Curtis Gene Burial Date: 1961, 11/17 Age at Death: 29 Plot Location: 885 C Notes: Husband of Joan(Venters) son of Earl Galbraith & Mary Castria(Zerbe)Johnson Marker Only Captain in the U.S. Air Force;  Buried in Arlington Cemetery War: Vietnam War   Name: Curtis G Park Service Info.: CAPT USAF Birth Date: 10 Apr … Continue reading Park, Curtis Gene

Pickerill, Larry Howard

Name: Pickerill, Larry Howard Burial Date: 2008, 06/20 Age at Death: 68 Plot Location: 459 1/2 H Notes: Husband of Lillian Irene(Miller)Asling US Army     War: Vietnam War Birth: Jul. 13, 1939 Death: Jun. 18, 2008 Family links: Spouse: Lillian Irene Miller Asling Pickerill (____ – 2010)* *Calculated relationship Inscription: SP4 US ARMY Burial: … Continue reading Pickerill, Larry Howard

Pinkston, Roger

Pinkston, Roger           dh/Becky(Tucker)Pinkston Wallace/ Father of Melissa J.(Pinkston)Klinkerman Burial Date: 2021,  03/23                 Age:   66                  Lot: 1067 E   Crems US Marine Corp           Vietnam War With heavy hearts, we announce the death of Roger … Continue reading Pinkston, Roger

Pitts, Harold Edward

Name: Pitts, Harold Edward Burial Date: 1995, 03/31 Age at Death: 53 Plot Location: 403½ A Notes: divorced husband of Antje(Heiden)Linton/Donna(Hasselman)McClure MAJ US Army          War: Vietnam War   Birth: Feb. 2, 1942 Death: Mar. 26, 1998 Inscription: MAJ US ARMY VIETNAM Burial: Sterling Cemetery Sterling Rice County Kansas, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info … Continue reading Pitts, Harold Edward

Randolph, Delvin Dee ‘Del’

Randolph, Delvin Dee  ‘Del’ 1st husband of Barbara Ann(Harrison)Benson Burial Date: 2007,  03/12          Age: 63             Lot: 1173 C Capt. 101st Airborne, Scout & Sentry dog unit Vietnam War   Capt. 101st Airborne, Scout & Sentry dog unit Birth: Mar. 15, 1943 Death: Mar. 9, 2007 Inscription: CPT … Continue reading Randolph, Delvin Dee ‘Del’

Rasnic, James Edward,Jr.

Name: Rasnic,Jr.,  James Edward Burial Date: 2007, 12/27 Age at Death: 53 Plot Location: 975 A Notes: divorced husband of  ? son of James Edward, Sr. & Esther Martha(Bailey)Mathews U.S. Army War: Vietnam War    Name: James Edward Rasnic Gender: Male Death Age: 53 Birth Date: 9 Jul 1954 Death Date: 22 Dec 2007 Obituary … Continue reading Rasnic, James Edward,Jr.

Schafer, Ted Donald

Name: Schafer, Ted Donald Burial Date: 2014, 09/19 Age at Death: 72 Plot Location: 980 A Cremains Notes: husband of Carolyn G(Harmon)       US Army Reserves War: Vietnam War   Ted Donald Schafer Born: March 12, 1942 Died: September 12, 2014   Ted Schafer, 72, of Hutchinson passed away at home on Sept. … Continue reading Schafer, Ted Donald

Shelton, Richard Eugene

Name: Shelton, Richard Eugene Burial Date: 1965, 03/06 Age at Death: 20 Plot Location: 897 A Notes: son of William Wayne & Wanna Lou(Gardner)Eldridge War: Vietnam War   Birth: Nov. 24, 1944 Death: Feb. 27, 1965 in Mariposa age 20, son of William Wayne & Wanna Lou(Gardner)Eldridge Veteran of: Vietnam War  Family links: Parents: William … Continue reading Shelton, Richard Eugene

Simpson, Thomas Clark,Dr.

Simpson,  Dr. Thomas Charles           husband of Linda Marie(Lewick) Burial Date:  2017,  11/03                  Age: 70                   Lot: 1071 D War:  Vietnam     US Navy     Dr. Thomas Charles Simpson September 2, 1947 ~ October 30, 2017 … Continue reading Simpson, Thomas Clark,Dr.

Sloan, Jerry Neil

Name: Sloan, Jerry Neil Burial Date: 1988, 08/16 Age at Death: 38 Plot Location: 686 C Notes: divorced husband of Valetta Joan(Fullmer) U.S. Army     Vietnam War    Jerry N. Sloan, 38, self-employed plumber, died Saturday, Aug. 13, 1988. Service 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sterling Community Cemetery. Survivors: daughter, Jennifer Nicole Sloan of Greeley, Colo.; … Continue reading Sloan, Jerry Neil

Small, Norman Eugene

Name: Small, Norman Eugene Burial Date: 1968, 11/21 Age at Death: 22 Plot Location: 246 F Notes: son of Leroy Ernest & Lola Louise(McGuire) HHC447 Infantry, 9th Inf. Dvn. 1st Rice Co. Vietnam Casualty, 1968,04/05 War: Vietnam War        Birth: Feb. 13, 1946     Death: Apr. 5, 1968, Vietnam Family links: Parents: LeRoy Ernest Small … Continue reading Small, Norman Eugene

Smith, Robert Earl ‘Bob’

Name: Smith, Robert Earl ‘Bob’ Burial Date: 1977, 05/31 Age at Death: 34 Plot Location: 918 E Notes: son of Harry E & Golda May(Kenny) Adopted son/Harry E & Wilma June(Dymond)Roach Smith Life Story Narrative When Robert Earl “Bob” Smith was born on January 4, 1943, in Alexandria, Virginia, his father, Harry, was 40 and his … Continue reading Smith, Robert Earl ‘Bob’

Terrell, Dennis Wayne

Name: Terrell, Dennis Wayne Burial Date: 2007, 06/13 Age at Death: 62 Plot Location: 001 G Notes: husband of Donna(Lackey) Birth: Mar. 8, 1945 Death: Jun 9.,2007 age 62, husband of Donna(Lackey) Veteran of: Vietnam War Burial: Sterling Cemetery Sterling Rice County Kansas, USA Plot: 001 G Created by: Lawcas Record added: Apr 25, 2013 … Continue reading Terrell, Dennis Wayne

Thompson, Ronald Eugene

Name: Thompson, Ronald Eugene Burial Date: 2013, 08/09 Age at Death: 69 Plot Location: 1194 F Notes: husband of Sharon Lynn (Sidener) US Army National Guard, 1964-1970 War: Vietnam War     DATELINE: Nickerson, Kansas NAME:  Ronald E. Thompson AGE: 69 yrs DATE OF DEATH: August 2, 2013 PLACE OF DEATH: Hospice House, Hutchinson DATE OF … Continue reading Thompson, Ronald Eugene

Wells, Thomas Edward

Name: Wells, Thomas Edward Burial Date: 1994, 12/28 Age at Death: 57 Plot Location: 403½ E Notes: husband of Carolyn Sue(Pitts) War: Vietnam War        Birth: 1937 Death: 1994 Name: Thomas Edward Wells Age: 57 Date of Burial: 1994, 12/28 Lot Number: 403 1/2 E Tracings: h/Carolyn Sue Pitts Wells Veteran: Vietnam … Continue reading Wells, Thomas Edward

Wilkey, Hadley Louis

Name: Wilkey, Hadley Louis Burial Date: 2002, 07/16 Age at Death: 58 Plot Location: 1220 C Notes: Husband of M Dawn(Leonard) Kansas Air National Guard         Vietnam War Obituary – Sterling Bulletin Sterling – Hadley L. Wilkey, 58, died July 11, 2002, at Hutchinson Hospital. He was born April 19, 1944, at Sterling, … Continue reading Wilkey, Hadley Louis

Wolfe, Dale Robert

Wolfe, Dale Robert                husband of DeAnna J(Fenwick) , divorced husband of Gail(O’Hanlon) Burial Date: 1996,  01/24            Age: 43                     Lot: 1039 C Vietnam War                 US Army … Continue reading Wolfe, Dale Robert

Wyatt, Rex Allen

Name: Wyatt, Rex Allen         divorced husbandcof Lisa(Whitley) Burial Date: 2015, 02/07       Age: 61      Lot : 603 B Cremains Notes: Died 1/23/2015      Martinez, CA US Navy  War: Vietnam War     DATELINE: Sterling, Kansas Rex Allen Wyatt was born July 3, 1954 in Sterling, Kansas.  He died on January … Continue reading Wyatt, Rex Allen

Yeakel, Donald Lynn

Name: Yeakel, Donald Lynn Burial Date: 2005, 01/24 Age at Death: 56 Plot Location: 1141 H Notes: husband of Pamela Ann(Asbury) YN2 US Navy     War: Vietnam War    Donald L. Yeakel       Sterling, KS – Donald Lynn Yeakel, 56, died Jan. 20, 2005, at his home, Sterling. He was born Sept. 16, 1948, … Continue reading Yeakel, Donald Lynn