Harper, Thomas Virgil

Name: Harper, Thomas Virgil
Burial Date: 1897, 11/17
Age at Death: 55
Plot Location: 415 E
Notes: husband of Penelope(Marble)

Sgt., Co. E, 1st Ohio Cav.

War: Civil War

Thomas Virgil Harper's Headstone

Thomas Virgil Harper was born on December 25, 1841. He married Penelope Marble in 1874 in Medford, Kansas. They had five children during their marriage. He died on November 24, 1897, in Medford, Kansas, at the age of 55, and was buried in Sterling, Kansas.

Thomas Virgil Harper married Penelope Marble on March 15, 1868, in Edina, Missouri, when he was 26 years old.

His daughter Minnie Avesta was born on November 6, 1870, in Edina, Missouri.

His daughter Daisey Elnory was born on April 19, 1875, in Medford, Kansas.

His daughter Maggie Narcissus was born on November 26, 1876, in Medford, Kansas.

His son Frank Leo was born on August 20, 1878, in Medford, Kansas.

His son Asa Virgil passed away on April 18, 1897, at the age of 28.

Thomas V Harper